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Who is bigger mcdonald’s or chick-fil-a?

McDonald's Or Chick-Fil-A: Which Is Bigger?

by Jeffrey Pearson
McDonald's Or Chick-Fil-A: Which Is Bigger?

McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A: Who is the Bigger Fast-Food Giant? When it comes to fast-food, two of the most popular brands come to mind – McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A. But which of the two is bigger? McDonald’s has been around much longer than Chick-fil-A, and it has more locations in the U.S. But is size really the only factor when it comes to determining which brand is truly better? Are there other factors to consider such as customer service, quality of food, and marketing? In this blog post, we will compare and contrast both McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A to find out which is the bigger fast-food giant. We will discuss their number of locations, customer service, menu items, and financials. So, who will come out on top? Read on to find out!

Who is bigger McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A?

When it comes to fast-food restaurants, it’s no surprise that McDonald’s is the biggest player in the game. With more than 13,438 U.S. units and 36,000 restaurants worldwide, McDonald’s is a global powerhouse. But despite its size, Chick-fil-A has been able to carve out a significant niche for itself.

At only 2,704 locations compared to McDonald’s 13,438 U.S. units, Chick-fil-A packs quite a punch for its size. In fact, the chicken-centric fast-food chain has been growing at an impressive rate over the years, becoming one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the United States.

So, which restaurant is bigger? The size of a restaurant’s footprint isn’t always a good indication of its relative success. It’s important to consider both the number of locations and the quality of the food offered at each location.


McDonald’s has a long and successful history in the fast-food industry. Founded in 1940, the restaurant chain has grown to become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It is renowned for its wide selection of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and other menu items.

The restaurant chain also offers a variety of value meals and promotions that appeal to customers of all ages. In addition, McDonald’s has mastered the art of convenience by providing drive-thru and delivery services, as well as its popular “McDelivery” service.


Chick-fil-A is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in chicken sandwiches. Founded in 1967, the chain has grown to become one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the United States.

Chick-fil-A’s focus on quality has paid off, as the chain has won numerous awards for its food. The chain is also known for its friendly customer service and its commitment to giving back to the community. In addition, Chick-fil-A has an extensive catering menu and offers a variety of meal options for customers.

When it comes to size, McDonald’s is the clear winner. The chain has thousands of locations worldwide and is a major player in the fast-food industry. On the other hand, Chick-fil-A may be smaller in size, but it has managed to carve out a significant niche for itself.

The chicken-centric chain is beloved for its quality food, friendly customer service, and commitment to giving back to the community. Though McDonald’s may have more locations, Chick-fil-A is a strong contender in the fast-food industry and will continue to be a popular restaurant for years to come.

Who is Chick-fil-A’s biggest competitor?

Chick-fil-A is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the United States, and its competitors reflect that. Chick-fil-A is a Southern-style restaurant, serving up chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, and other comfort food. But while the chain has an iconic status in the US, it still faces competition from other fast-food restaurants.

The biggest competitors to Chick-fil-A are McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Fogo de Chao. Each of these restaurants offers a unique menu and atmosphere that appeals to different kinds of customers. It’s also worth noting that Chick-fil-A’s competitors are not limited to other fast-food restaurants. Other quick-service restaurants, such as Subway and Panera Bread, also provide competition for Chick-fil-A.

When comparing the competitors, it’s important to consider a few key factors. First, each restaurant has their own unique menu items that appeal to different kinds of customers. For instance, McDonald’s is known for its burgers and fries, while KFC is known for its fried chicken. Wendy’s is known for its square burgers and Taco Bell for its tacos and burritos.

Second, each restaurant has different pricing structures. McDonald’s is known for its low prices, while KFC and Wendy’s offer slightly higher prices. Taco Bell is typically the most expensive of the bunch. Finally, it’s also important to consider customer service. Chick-fil-A is known for its friendly customer service, while other restaurants may not have the same level of customer service.

When it comes to overall performance, Chick-fil-A ranks 1st in CEO Score on Comparably vs its competitors. This score is based on employee feedback and ratings of the company and its leadership. This suggests that Chick-fil-A has a strong leadership team that provides employees with a great work environment.

Overall, Chick-fil-A has a wide range of competitors, from fast-food restaurants to quick-service restaurants. While McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Fogo de Chao are the biggest competitors to Chick-fil-A, there are many others that offer competition. It’s important to consider a variety of factors when comparing the competitors, such as menu items, pricing structures, and customer service. Ultimately, however, Chick-fil-A is a leader in the fast-food industry, and its CEO Score on Comparably reflects this.

What is the number 1 most popular restaurant?

When it comes to dining out, there are many restaurants to choose from. But which one is the most popular? According to the ranking of the Top 250: The Ranking, McDonald’s is the number one most popular restaurant in the United States.

McDonald’s: The Fast Food Giant

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain. Founded in 1940, it has over 36,000 locations in over 100 countries. It is well known for its signature menu items, such as the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder, and the Egg McMuffin. McDonald’s also offers a variety of other menu items, including salads, wraps, desserts, and breakfast items.

Why is McDonald’s so Popular?

There are several reasons why McDonald’s is so popular. First and foremost, they have a wide variety of menu items, which appeals to a wide range of customers. In addition, they have an established brand, which gives customers a sense of trust and familiarity. Furthermore, they have a strong presence in many countries, making it easy for customers to find a McDonald’s restaurant no matter where they are.

The Other Popular Restaurants

McDonald’s isn’t the only popular restaurant. Starbucks is the second most popular restaurant in the United States, followed by Chick-fil-A and Taco Bell. Starbucks is known for their coffee drinks, pastries, and other food items, while Chick-fil-A is known for their chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. Taco Bell is known for their Mexican-style food, such as tacos and burritos.


When it comes to the most popular restaurant in the United States, McDonald’s tops the list. It has a wide variety of menu items, an established brand, and a strong presence in many countries. However, there are other popular restaurants, such as Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and Taco Bell. Each of these restaurants has its own unique offerings that appeal to different customers.

Is McDonald’s richer than Chick-fil-A?

When it comes to the fast food industry, McDonald’s has long been the most successful and profitable restaurant chain in the world. But there is one fast food chain that has managed to outpace McDonald’s in terms of profits per restaurant: Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A is the second-largest fast food chain in the United States and is known for its delicious chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, and milkshakes. But what makes Chick-fil-A so successful? According to a recent report, the answer is simple: Chick-fil-A makes more money per restaurant than McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Subway combined.

This is an impressive feat considering Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays. That’s right: Chick-fil-A is closed on the most popular day for fast food restaurants, yet it still manages to make more money per restaurant than its competitors. So what’s behind this success? Let’s take a look.

Chick-fil-A’s Unparalleled Customer Service

The key to Chick-fil-A’s success is its unparalleled customer service. The chain has a reputation for friendly, helpful staff and fast, efficient service. This focus on customer service has helped Chick-fil-A stand out from its competitors and given it an edge in the fast food market.

In addition to its customer service, Chick-fil-A is also known for its fresh, high-quality ingredients. The chain uses a unique cooking process to ensure that each sandwich is cooked to perfection. This commitment to quality has helped the chain build a loyal customer base.

Chick-fil-A’s Unique Business Model

Another factor that has contributed to Chick-fil-A’s success is its unique business model. The chain is owned and operated by a single family, which gives it more control over its operations than many of its competitors. This allows Chick-fil-A to make decisions quickly and to focus on growth and innovation.

The chain also has a limited menu, which helps keep its costs down. By focusing on a few key menu items, Chick-fil-A is able to keep prices low and maximize profits.

Chick-fil-A’s Closed on Sunday Policy

Finally, Chick-fil-A’s closed on Sunday policy has helped the chain stand out from its competitors. By closing on Sundays, the chain is able to give its employees a day off to rest and recharge. This has helped Chick-fil-A create an atmosphere of respect and appreciation that has been embraced by customers.

The combination of these factors has helped Chick-fil-A become the most profitable fast food restaurant in the United States. The chain’s success is a testament to the power of customer service, quality ingredients, and a unique business model. So the answer to the question “Is McDonald’s richer than Chick-fil-A?” is a resounding “No.”

Is Chick-fil-A or mcdonalds better?

When it comes to fast-food restaurants, there are plenty of options to choose from. But when it comes to picking the best of the best, the answer is clear: Chick-fil-A is the king of fast food. In the most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) survey, Chick-fil-A was rated as the top fast-food restaurant with a score of 83. On the other hand, McDonald’s was rated last, scoring 70.

So what is it about Chick-fil-A that has customers coming back time and time again? Let’s take a closer look at what sets Chick-fil-A apart from other fast-food chains and why it is the top-rated restaurant.

Quality of Food

Chick-fil-A is known for its high-quality food. The restaurant prides itself on providing fresh, delicious food that is made to order. Customers can customize their orders, and the restaurant will make sure that it is made exactly how they want it. The food is always made with the freshest ingredients, and customers can taste the difference.


The service at Chick-fil-A is second to none. The employees are friendly and helpful, and they go out of their way to make sure customers are happy. The restaurant also has a reputation for being clean and well-maintained. The employees take pride in their work and make sure that the restaurant is always looking its best.


Chick-fil-A is also known for its competitive prices. The restaurant offers a variety of meal options that are affordable and filling. Customers can get a full meal for under $10, and they don’t have to sacrifice quality for price.

Brand Loyalty

Chick-fil-A also has a strong brand loyalty. Customers who have tried the restaurant’s food are often hooked, and they come back time and time again. The restaurant has also become a favorite among families, with many parents choosing Chick-fil-A as the place to take their kids.

It’s no surprise that Chick-fil-A is the top-rated fast-food restaurant. The restaurant has a commitment to quality, a great price point, and unbeatable service. It’s no wonder that customers keep coming back for more. So if you’re looking for the best fast-food restaurant, Chick-fil-A is the clear choice.

It is clear that while McDonald’s may have the edge in terms of size, Chick-fil-A stands tall when it comes to the quality of their food and customer service. From the famous Chick-fil-A sandwich to their delicious waffle fries and other offerings, Chick-fil-A’s menu is sure to please. Not to mention their customer service is second to none, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. While McDonald’s may be the largest fast food chain in the United States, Chick-fil-A is definitely not far behind. With its growing presence across the country, there’s no doubt that Chick-fil-A is here to stay and will continue to be a beloved favorite for years to come.

FAQ – Questions & Answers

What rank is Chick-fil-A in America?

Ranking The Top 50 Fast-Food Chains in America

rank company 2018 franchiselicense units
2 Starbucks* 6,332
3 Subway* 24,798
4 Taco Bell 6,126
5 Chick-fil-A * 2,400

Is McDonald’s better than Chick-Fil-A?

Chick-Fil-A offers fresh and similar made food and have respectful employees. McDonald’s, on the other hand, offers cheap, incredibly fast pick up, and a more expansive menu. Both pros and cons being considered, it is up to the consumer to decide which is the best place to stop for fast food.

What is the 2nd biggest fast food chain in the world?

List of the largest fast food restaurant chains

2 United States Subway
3 United States Starbucks
4 United States KFC
5 United States Burger King

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