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Which rapper made wingstop?

Wingstop Franchise Pays $114,427 in Labor Violations

by Lucia Garcia
Wingstop Franchise Pays $114

What do you get when you combine one of the world’s most successful rappers with a fast-food franchise? You get Rick Ross, the Miami artist and head of the Wingstop franchise owned by him and his family. But recently, news has broken that this franchise has paid $114,427 in labor violations at five locations in Mississippi.

The issue was discovered during an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division, which found that the company had violated federal labor laws by not properly compensating their employees. This included not paying overtime, not providing meal periods and/or rest breaks, and not keeping proper records of hours worked.

The violations were not only financially costly, but also damaging to the company’s reputation. In response, Ross and his family have vowed to take corrective action and ensure that such missteps do not happen again.

So, which rapper made Wingstop? The answer is Rick Ross, along with his family. However, it is clear that the company’s future success and growth will depend on the ability of its leaders to ensure that labor laws are followed and all employees are treated fairly. Only time will tell if they are able to do so.

Which rapper made Wingstop?

Wingstop is a popular fast-food chain known for its chicken wings. But did you know it was created by a rapper? Rapper Rick Ross and his family own a Wingstop franchise business, and recently the franchise has paid $114,427 for labor violations at five locations in Mississippi.

Ross is a Miami-based rapper and entrepreneur who has been active in the music industry since the mid-1990s. He is best known for his hit songs such as “Hustlin” and “Aston Martin Music”. In addition to music, Ross has also ventured into the business world, investing in a variety of businesses, including Wingstop.

The franchise has recently been in the news due to labor violations. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the franchise has been found to have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The violations included failure to pay minimum wage and overtime, as well as failure to provide accurate records of wages paid. As a result, the franchise has paid $114,427 in back wages and damages to 519 employees who had been affected by the violations.

Despite the violations, Ross has vowed that the mistakes won’t happen again. He said in a statement, “It is my hope that this settlement will serve as a reminder to all employers that they must comply with applicable laws, including the FLSA, and ensure that their employees are fairly compensated for their work.”

The settlement is a reminder that businesses must be aware of the laws and regulations governing their activities. It is also a reminder of the importance of being responsible and accountable for one’s actions. Ross is an example of the importance of taking responsibility for your business and making sure that it is compliant with the law.

Overall, Rick Ross and his family are the owners of a Wingstop franchise business. Recently, the franchise has paid $114,427 for labor violations at five locations in Mississippi. Rick Ross has taken responsibility for the violations and has vowed that they won’t happen again. The incident serves as an important reminder that businesses must be aware of the laws and regulations governing their activities and must be responsible and accountable for their actions.

What companies does Drake own?

Drake is a well-known Canadian rapper and singer-songwriter who has had a successful career in the music industry for many years. He has also become a savvy business investor, with numerous investments and stakes in various companies. In this article, we’ll take a look at what companies Drake owns and the deals he has made.


Drake has had a lucrative deal with Apple since 2015. He left Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal behind to sign with Apple for a staggering $19 million. As part of the deal, Drake released Apple Music’s first exclusive, his album VIEWS. Drake also released promotions for Apple Music and has continued to work with the company in various other ways.


Drake has had an ongoing partnership with Sprite since 2011. He was featured in a series of commercials for the soda brand and even released a limited-edition drink called Drake’s. The rapper has continued to work with Sprite over the years, and his face is often used in their advertising campaigns.


Drake has had a long relationship with Nike, and he is often seen wearing their products. He has collaborated with the company on several projects, including a limited-edition sneaker called the OVO x Air Jordan 10. The rapper has also released a clothing collection with Nike, which features exclusive T-shirts and hoodies.

Virginia Black Whiskey

Drake made an investment in Virginia Black Whiskey in 2016. He took an equity stake in the company and became a partner. The rapper has since been featured in their advertising campaigns and even created a limited-edition bottle of whiskey called Decadence.

Toronto Raptors

Drake is a big fan of the Toronto Raptors basketball team and has been a global ambassador for them since 2013. He has been involved in a number of projects with the team, including designing their official logo. He also has an ownership stake in the team and is a part of their executive committee.

In conclusion, Drake has made a number of savvy investments and partnerships over the years. He has deals with Apple, Sprite, Nike, and Virginia Black Whiskey, and is also a part-owner of the Toronto Raptors. These investments have enabled Drake to make a great deal of money and expand his influence in the business world.

What rapper owns restaurants?

As celebrities continue to diversify their portfolios, many of them are turning to the restaurant industry to make a mark. From fast-food to fine dining, there are plenty of rappers who have taken a chance and opened up their own eatery. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most popular rappers who own restaurants.

Jay-Z – 40/40 Club

One of the most prominent names in the restaurant industry is none other than Jay-Z. The Grammy-winning artist owns the famous 40/40 Club, a high-end sports bar and lounge located in Manhattan. The club offers a variety of entertainment, including live music, big-screen TVs, and a variety of food and drink selections. The club has become a hot spot for celebrities and sports stars alike, and is a great place to watch a game or just hang out.

50 Cent – Street King Energy Drink

Rapper 50 Cent is also in the restaurant business. He has his own energy drink line called Street King. The drink was created with the vision of providing one billion meals to people in need. With each purchase of the drink, a meal is donated to a person in need. To date, the energy drink brand has managed to donate over 18 million meals.

Snoop Dogg – The Slauson Exchange

Rapper Snoop Dogg has his own restaurant called The Slauson Exchange. Located in Los Angeles, the restaurant serves up a variety of comfort food and is known for its unique atmosphere. The restaurant is a great place to grab a bite to eat and hang out with friends. The restaurant also features a bar and offers a wide selection of beers and wines.

Drake – Pick 6ix

Canadian rapper Drake is the proud owner of Pick 6ix, a Toronto-based restaurant. The restaurant is known for its upscale decor and menu, featuring dishes such as steak, seafood, and sushi. The restaurant also has a full bar and offers a variety of cocktails and wines.

Wiz Khalifa – HotBox Pizza

Wiz Khalifa is another rapper who has ventured into the restaurant business. He owns HotBox Pizza, a chain of pizza restaurants located in various cities in the United States. The pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and offer a variety of topping options. The restaurants also offer a wide selection of craft beers and wines.

Lil Wayne – Trukstop

Rapper Lil Wayne has his own restaurant called Trukstop. Located in Miami, the restaurant serves up a variety of comfort food and is known for its unique atmosphere. The restaurant is a great place to grab a bite to eat and hang out with friends. The restaurant also features a bar and offers a wide selection of beers and wines.

From Jay-Z to Wiz Khalifa, it’s clear that rap stars are taking a chance and investing in the restaurant industry. These restaurants offer a unique experience and a variety of food and drinks for their customers. So, if you’re looking for a place to grab a bite to eat and hang out with friends, be sure to check out one of these restaurants owned by your favorite rapper.

Is Drake a billionaire?

The question of whether Drake is a billionaire has been a hot topic in recent years. With his meteoric rise to fame and the success of his music, it’s understandable why people are curious. The answer is not so cut and dry, however.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Drizzy is only estimated to be worth $250 million in 2022. This figure is based on his past music sales, endorsements, and investments. Although this is a substantial amount of money, it does not make him a billionaire.

That being said, with Nicki Minaj’s confirmation and recent album sales, it is likely that Drake’s net worth could be a lot higher. He has been making a lot of smart investments and growing his brand. In addition, he has been featured on some of the biggest hits of the year, which can only add to his fortune.

How Does Drake Make Money?

Drake is not just a musician, he is also an entrepreneur. He has a number of business ventures, such as his record label OVO Sound, his clothing line, and his endorsement deals. In addition, he has made some savvy investments in real estate and technology.

His music is undoubtedly the biggest moneymaker, however. He has released five studio albums, four mixtapes, and dozens of singles. He has also collaborated with many other artists, which can bring in additional income. He also has a large streaming presence, as well as touring income.

What Is Drake’s Net Worth?

As of 2021, Drake is estimated to be worth around $250 million. This figure is likely to increase in the coming years, however. With his savvy investments and business ventures, it is likely that his net worth could exceed the billion dollar mark in the future.

Will Drake Become a Billionaire?

At this point, it is impossible to say whether or not Drake will become a billionaire. However, given his success and the current trajectory of his career, it is certainly possible. Only time will tell whether or not he reaches the billion dollar mark.

How much money does Drake make a day?

An In-Depth Look

When it comes to celebrities, one of the questions that often comes up is “How much money does Drake make a day?” After all, Drake is one of the most successful musicians in the world, and his net worth is estimated to be around $180 million. So, just how much does he make each day?

Drake’s earnings have steadily increased over the years

Drake first rose to fame in 2009 when his debut album, “So Far Gone”, went double platinum. Since then, his career has only continued to soar. He has released five studio albums, four mixtapes, and dozens of singles, all of which have been critically and financially successful.

His earnings have steadily increased over the years, and he is now one of the highest-paid artists in the music industry. According to Forbes, Drake earned an estimated $47 million in 2018 alone. This was made up of sales from his album “Scorpion”, as well as from his tour and from various endorsement deals.

How much does Drake make per day?

Given his impressive earnings, it’s no surprise that people want to know how much money Drake makes each day. The exact figure is hard to pin down, as different sources report different numbers. However, it’s generally accepted that Drake earns around $150,000 per day.

This figure is based on the assumption that Drake earns an average of $1 million per month. This number is based on his earnings in 2018, when he earned an estimated $47 million in total. If we divide that figure by 12 months, we can estimate that Drake earns around $1 million per month.

To calculate how much he makes each day, we need to divide that figure by 30 days. This gives us an estimated daily income of $150,000.

How does Drake make his money?

So, how does Drake make his money? Well, the majority of his income comes from music sales and streaming. His albums, singles, mixtapes, and features have all been commercially successful, and he also earns money from streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

In addition to music, Drake also earns money from touring, merchandise sales, and endorsements. He has endorsement deals with companies such as Nike and Apple, and he also has his own clothing line, October’s Very Own.

In conclusion, it’s estimated that Drake earns around $150,000 per day. This figure is based on the assumption that he earns an average of $1 million per month. The majority of his income comes from music sales and streaming, but he also earns money from touring, merchandise sales, and endorsements.

In conclusion, Rick Ross and his family have shown that they are serious about running a successful franchise business. They have taken full responsibility for the labor violations found at five of their Wingstop locations in Mississippi, and have paid the $114,427 in fines associated with them. We can only hope that this experience has served as a lesson for Rick Ross and his family, and that similar missteps will not be made in the future.

Overall, it is impressive to see a rapper like Rick Ross take on the challenge of owning and operating a business. He is proof that hard work and dedication can pay off, and that success can come in many forms. We can only look forward to seeing what more Rick Ross is able to accomplish in the business world.

FAQ – Questions & Answers

How much is Drake paid per show?

As AfroTech previously told you, part of Drake’s net worth includes $50 million in earnings from his music catalog, as of 2021. Additionally, he reportedly earns $1 million per concert, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What food chain does Rick Ross own?

Ross owns nearly 30 Wingstop franchises across the U.S., according to CBS46.com.

What companies does Rick Ross own?

Rick Ross

  • Rozay.
  • The Boss.
  • Renzel.
  • Teflon Don.

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